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The Epic Checklist handles all the work of selecting the right stocks for you... How? With a customizable “checklist” that fits your trading style.

The more we trade, the more we realize how much indicators can get in the way… We are constantly checking multiple variables, often to the point where we missed the best entry into the stock! Where is the RSI? MACD? Is it trading between the EMA and SMA? Is the stock above VWAP? Is the volume high or low? Is the stock trading in the general direction for upper timeframes? Does the stock have earnings coming up soon?

Example setup w/ weighted setup for long / buy setup: 

  • Trading in same direction as upper and lower timeframes? + 1 
  • Trading above VWAP? +.5
  • Trading above yesterdays high?  + 3
  • Trading in a squeeze? - 1
  • Trading within 10% of high for the day  - + 1.5
  • Volume higher than 50% from average day at this time - + 1
  • Trading above opening range - + 2.0 
  • Trade matching one of 15 "buy" setup patterns - +1.5
Each setting can have its own multiplier for your specific trading plan! What do you end up with? A simple label on the chart displaying the score for a short or long setup, or an indicator for a scanner / watchlist and to alert you when the value is 'x'... especially "checking" off, all your stock trading plan scenarios. 

This is where having the perfect… seriously “Epic” checklist comes in!

The indicator can be setup as a chart indicator, which initially can function based on standard initial default trading styles for intraday or swing trading. Instead of loading many indicators on your chart… simply have one label at the top of the chart to show the percent / ratio it matches YOUR specs.

The full Epic Checklist includes additional studies to be utilized as a scanner, watchlist, and strategy for back-testing.

* Note: All purchases before March 31st 2021 receive a free 30 minute zoom call with our staff regarding any setup or configuration questions!

Money Back Guarantee! - Check out our refund policy!

Multiple Package Options:

  • Full Lifetime Edition ($149.97) - Package includes all components of the standard edition, and also includes NinjaTrader strategy with backtested optimization templates. Lifetime support and free updates.
  • Standard Edition (one year subscription)  ($79.97) - Package includes the chart indicator, strategies and optimization. templates. Support and free updates for one year. 
  • Basic Edition ($39.97) - Package includes the chart indicator, which includes optional alerts and highlights arrows for best setups. Support and free updates for one year. 



“NinjaTrader® is a registered trademark of NinjaTrader Group, LLC. No NinjaTrader company has any affiliation with the owner, developer, or provider of the products or services described herein, or any interest, ownership or otherwise, in any such product or service, or endorses, recommends or approves any such product or service.”

Although heavily backtested against past historical data, future success is not guaranteed and should not be assumed. 

Epic Checklist Indicator Features

  • Choose from bullish, bearish, or both trading positions.
  • Select from a list of many variables that match YOUR specific trading plan.
  • Indicator can show different colors from bright green (for bullish) to bright red (bearish) along with the percent that it matches your criteria. 
  • Optionally alert you if indicator matches "x" percent or ratio from your desired trading plan "checklist".
  • Choose from MANY variables which ones are most important to you and give them a "weighted" value. For example... maybe the fact that it broke yesterdays high is more important to you in your trading plan compared to spread of the stock price.  The higher weight you give key variables, the higher your "checklist" reaches an "EPIC" trade. 
  • Examples for long positions : Is the stock trading above VWAP? This can add "1" point to your checklist for going long... Is the stock trading in the same trend as two upper timeframes? This can add "1" point the total score. Is the stock earnings within "x" days? This could add a point or subtract a point depending on your specific criteria and desired setup. The total score presented will be the ratio of what what is important to you!
  • Examples for short positions: Is stock exiting a squeeze with lower momentum? This can add "1" point to your overall short score... Has stock fallen below yesterdays low? Add another point! Is the stock trading below 8 and 34 EMA's? Add "1" point. Is the stock trading above yesterdays high? This can deduct "1" point from the score.  
  • Works on multiple timeframes

Epic CheckList Indicator Settings

Epic Entry
  • Epic Setup Type (ConsecutiveBars, NumberOfTotalBarsUpDown)
  • Consecutive Bar Count
  • Min Count Of Total
  • Entry Open Close HL (Close, HighLow)
  • Total Bar Count
  • Bar Up Down
  • Lower High
  • Lower Low
  • Price Offset
Epic Points
  • Above / Below EMA Fast Points
  • Above / Below Yesterday HL
  • Above / Below Yesterday Close
  • Crossing Yesterday HL Points
  • Above / Below EMA Fast Points
  • EMA Crossing Points
  • MACD Crossing Points
  • EMA Period TREND Points
  • MACD Diff Points
  • MACD Above Below Zero Points
  • Crossing HTF Points
  • Vortext Points
  • DM Higher / Low Points
  • Momentum Points
  • PAR Points
  • Above / Below HTF2 Points
  • Above / Below HTF1 Points
  • Crossing VWAP Points
  • Above / Below VWAP Points
  • Gator Points
  • Gator Teeth Points
  • Max Bars Points
  • Epic Volume Points
  • Epic UTURN Points
  • Epic Profits Points
  • Epic Entry Points
Epic Profits
  • Epic Profits Setup (Strict, Relax)
  • Show During Trend
  • Trend Limit Perc Chg
  • Trend Look Back
  • Prev High Look Back
  • Avg Vol Look Back
  • Avg Range Look Back
  • Ignitor Range Spike Perc
  • Ignitor Vol Spike Perc
  • Pause Low Min Perc
  • Pause High Min Perc
  • Pause High Max Perc
  • Epic Setup Type (AllSetups, NewHighLows)
  • Required Bars From Signal
  • High Low Bars Look Back
  • Epic Bar Size Type (BarPercent, BarSizeDollar)
  • Num Of Prior Bars
  • Epic Bar Type (HighLow, Close)
  • Engulfing Body Dollar Size
  • Engulfing Body Percent
  • Max Dollar Diff HL
  • Max Dollar Diff OC
  • Dollar Confirm Offset
Epic Volume
  • Epic Volume Setup Type (Strict, Relaxed)
  • Epic Price Type (Close, HighLow)
  • Num Of Prior Bars Volume Lookback
  • High Low Price Offset
  • Wait From Day Open Bars
  • Inner Vol Offset
  • Inner Vol Lookback Bars
  • Retracement Percent Required
  • Recent Retracement Count
  • Above / Below Minimum
  • Ignore XBars From Ignitor Bar
  • Above / Below Maximum
  • Required Above Range Count
  • Order Entry Percent Above
  • Above Price Level (LowestPriceInRange, HighestPriceInRange)
  • Required Retracements
Long Pattern Points
  • Doji Points
  • Stick Sandwich Points
  • Bullish Belt Hold Points
  • Bullish Engulfing Points
  • Bullish Harami Points
  • Bullish Harami Cross Points
  • Inverted Hammer Points
  • Hammer Points
  • Morning Star Points
  • Piercing Line Points
  • Rising Three Methods Points
  • Three White Soldiers Points
  • Upside Tasuki Gap Points
NashTech Parameters
  • EMA Period Fast
  • EMA Period Slow
  • MACD Period Fast
  • MACD Period Slow
  • EMA Period TREND
  • Crossing Lookback Bars
  • Momentum Long
  • Momentum Short
  • Max Bars Up Down
  • First Upper TF Min
  • Second Upper TF Min
  • Chart Pattern Trend Strength
Order Entry
  • Epic Short Points Required
  • Epic Long Points Required
Short Pattern Points
  • Bearish Belt Hold Points
  • Bearish Engulfing Points
  • Bearish Harami Points
  • Bearish Harami Cross Points
  • Dark Cloud Cover Points
  • Downside Tasuki Gap Points
  • Evening Star Points
  • Falling Three Methods Points
  • Hanging Man Points
  • Shooting Star Points
  • Three Black Crows Points
  • Upside Gap Two Crows Points
What's Included?
  • Simple installation via immediate link after purchase
  • Back tested using On Demand from TD Ameritrade - and you can backtest too! 
  • Back testing includes options to  setup target and stops for scalping, trailing stops, automatically closing stocks EOD, etc... 
  • Based on your purchase options... Choose between chart study only, study with strategy for backtesting, watching columns, scanner, or complete package! Money Back Guarantee!  - Check out our refund policy!

Multiple Package Options:

  • Full Edition ($149.97) - Package includes all components the standard edition, and also includes TD Ameritrade NinjaTrader Back-Study Strategy feature. 
  • Standard Edition ($79.97) - Package includes everything full chart study, strategy, watchlist column, and scanner. 
  • Basic Edition ($39.97) - Package includes simply the chart study. 




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"I don't look to jump over seven-foot bars; I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over."


— Warren Buffett

DISCLOSURE: Futures, stocks, and spot currency trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures, stocks, commodities and forex markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.

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Historical performance results for investment indices, benchmarks, and/or categories have been provided for general informational/comparison purposes only, and generally do not reflect the deduction of transaction charges, the deduction of an investment management fee, nor the impact of taxes, the incurrence of which would have the effect of decreasing historical performance results.  It should not be assumed that your Nash Technologies LLC product, consulting, or service correspond directly to any comparative indices or categories.

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