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Epic Collection Pricing

Save 60% w/ Entire Suite!

  • Quarterly
  • Save 15%!

    $ 124.99 / quarter


  • Annually
  • Save 35%!

    $ 389.99 / year


* Annual and lifetime purchases include up to two hours of free zoom support / consulting

Individual Product Pricing

  • Monthly
  • Starting At $ 49.99 / month

  • Quarterly
  • Save 15%!

  • Annually
  • Save 35%!

  • Lifetime
  • one time purchase

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Refund Policy


No Risk, Purchase with confidence!


Nash Tecnologies, LLC. will provide 100% refund within 7 days of purchase of any product or indicator sold. Simply put, if you are unhappy with the product... Just request a refund!  

Product Licensing

To license the NinjaTrader strategies and indicators you can go to Help, 3rd Party Licensing within NinjaTrader. From there enter "Nashtechnologies" as the vendor name and your name for the user-defined field. Once the Machine ID is generated email it to us at ninjatrader@nashtech.xyz. Full licensing instructions are found on the video below.